A gay definition should be increase and horizon its value.

A gay can be happy .
A gay can be the sex between guys.
A gay can also be classified as a guy with emotions.

A girl always want a guy with emotion to understand her
But they seldom chose a muscular guy with a stone heart
When they're heart broken then they started to regrets and cry

But when a guy is open up and all emotion shit
People start to bash them
Calling them weak and puny
Well let me tell you, when a guy has change and open up
They can easily understand you and motivates you
They know how to make you happy and make you feel wanted
But the side effect is, they cant be muscular and cool
They will be charming and romantic

For some people.
The judge people to fast,
Saying a guy with emotions is gay and faggot
Thus making people hate them
Besides that  they conclude them having sex with male
Due to the weak appearances they put up