Im going to make the greatest regrets of my life.
This is sad as loosing my own family.
I loved you too much.
Beyond words, Beyond infinity.

Leaving you. Its like killing myself.
Taking a knife and stabbing it again and again.
Bleeding. Crying. Mourning. 

Let me be the only one who's feeling is destroyed.
Without you knowing how much it takes.
To forget you, deleting all those memories.
Im clicking the destruct button to myself.
Im shutting my own door.

As much as i dont want to do this.
I just have. I just doing this for the future.
Not mine but yours. I love you, remember?
I wont explain the reasons, just know its a good thing.
You're the best, You're the reasons i smile. 
But i cant hurt you and myself. Goodbye.

With all the respect love and honour
I thanked you guys . 
Danial Rosli . Haikel Daud . Irfan Rosli . Anas Farhan . Afiq . Aiman . Fathi .
The family i cherish. Thank you a lot for fixing and healing me.
But im just too wounded to be open again. Im just used to be alone.
I know im weird. But its better if you dont know the real me.

Let me be heartless.
A concrete wall.
All to myself.
A walking corpse.