Paradox Error

Im deceases and degenerate.
I think to much.
I dont trust people easily, when i do. They left or do stupid things.
Im tired. So tired of handling peoples shit. Loving and hoping for the wrong people.
Im tendency and determined to keep myself strong and away from this breaker.
As much as i want to be loved and ask. Daily cared just about me.
I wont find that kind of happiness because the person i want is not longer exist.
Pain change me, but you control me. What i become and what i do is from my experience
I cant take it anymore longer. I been dead for ages. Knowing that i can smile and laugh.
Doesn't it obvious how a perfect actor i could be. My lips My eyes impersonating you.
Creating a new world for my personalities. Different one, different dimension.
Love, jokes, trust, hope. Does think does not have and affect on me anymore.
Im invisible to the little things. My wall is indestructible.