Its the start of something new.
Its time for a new fairytale. 

Im in love with you. My best friend. My girlfriend. My lover. 
17July2012 marks the day. Official for us.
I wont hope too much but i will try to keep us alive.
Before the goodbye comes by.
I know we both aint perfect. But together we complete each other.
Both of us hold a secret. Day by day. I know you more.
Something that excites me. But somehow i feel down when ever you are sad.
I failed to make you happy. To make you smile. To make you feel granted.
I want you to know. I love you for you. I know im not the one for you.
Im sorry if i ever hurt you. Im sorry . Im sorry my love.
I hope we last as what ever we will be. Either lover or friend. I love You.
❤ NabilahAfiqah 

A new family. Another group of people to count on.
A group of people i can trust. 
Maybe im afraid to open up.
To get hurt and disappointed again.
But i have to be brave.
 Haikel . Irfan 
Welcome to my life, just welcome. There's other.
But im not going to mention them all. Those two person are extra.
I take them as my family. That means i love you guys .
Dont betray me. Dont leave me. Dont used me.