Instead of labeling me. Have you ever try.
To read my soul . Be me . See my point of view . Read my thoughts . Live my life . Carry my pain .
You don't even try to comfort me . Love me or except me for who i  am .
How can you say be yourself and unique in your own way .
When the basic life you are trying to shape us into something .
Were human , we may have the same material and all .
But our heart and soul are different .

I believe in unicorn , a fast runner creature . Have a unique power . Release a rainbow and set the world a better place . As i see it , A person can make a difference if people just let us shine . Let us give our own colour to the rainbow . Thus make the world itself a peace and harmony . Yes, human can fall and die . With a compassionate and unstoppable support . Even the ladders when people hold it, it wont fall. Even it the person climb to the highest part. You cant give excuse to a fact. That's just meant you are standing in a way of pure solid justice.