You can take everything i have , tearing the love apart collecting your jar of heart . Sky are crying am watching love the way you lie. Memories and mistake they memories made but nevermind i find someone like you . I feel like an idiot for loving you like a baby . Love don't hurt but you not loving me respect me trusting me . That hurts! And then you come back to me asking me to love you again . I dont want to hear a thing you say cause ure so yesterday . I dot love you idont need you! Whenever i look at you i see myself the person i want to be the person miss the most . Near far wherever youre i believe that the hearts go on . Time will heal me but im not easily to forget you. Love can touch us one time and last for a life time. Im about to lose my mind, you been hurting me for so long. I need a Hero to heal me and set me free, heal my scars fix my heart