Today was a lonely day for me , as i walk across other human. It's like i just walk past them. Ngeh i dont even care or the time to care. Today i got to KSL CITY, it was suppose to be with my friends but i end up walking alone . So i just bought two movie tickets. I cant believe im watching it all alone -_- The tittle was The Vow and The Hunger Games . Omaigod i enjoy the movie so much. It was so magical and speechless .The Vow - starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams . Its about a couple which the wife lost her memory and the husband try so hard to restore it, until ... he have to divorce her , because she cant recalled anything all she see her husband is a stranger. I wont say more, you go watch it yourself :) The Hunger Games ? was spectacular ! maybe for some is boring but i really enjoy and like it <3 after that i got to Omega lol .... enter the class late and everybody's looking at me.