Till the world set us apart. Till the last if your blood dry. Till our last breath .... its not just enough, it will never be . Nobody will notice you . Nobody will appreciate you . You cant be you. You change into something you hate. You try you best to adopt but people keep letting you down, hurt . Broken and alone.... You soon miss the old you and how you regret you change. But people change life change, thy start saying your being a fake they want the old you the real you. And so it happens again when you change..... But you will never be enough for them NeVer! Its time to live your life the way you want the way you feel the way you can be proud of your life.... cause nothing will fucked up your life when you live in your own world. A world where your happiness is the main source of energy. You wont be spoken for a bad stuff you wont be judge for being ugly fat skinny black you wont be called bad names for doing the smallest mistake of your life . Your world, start creating it. You don't need anybody inside your world except God and time . Let the duplets be your new best friend . If your world is shaken and destroy again by some idiot. Don't stop to build and live, live your life to the fullest and dont forget to smile cause you shine bitch.