from the picture its *SHE* btw . lol . Erm well its been ages since i talk to you , maybe a few month just like that after we break up . I dont know why ? maybe because i hate you so much for some reasons . but i cant be hatting you cause i love you . So maybe im still waiting for you but i know you're happy now . There to many maybe when you comes to love ... but i want you to know i will forget you or stop loving you . March has enter , the first thing i remember is you , cause its our monthly anniversary . Yeah . We maybe ex's but you will always be real to me . It changes here and there but you wont left my mind , my heart . Today at school , i talked to you . I know im late but yes . Finally i talked to you and i make you laugh and smile . OMG only God knows how i feel , its like time stop a while . My friends say stop living in the past but i say its called hope .