fuck power cube


masa hari selasa itu , pagi saya jumpa dgn top sekolah , pengetua penolong kanan dan hal ekhwal murid .
they said about my last year grade . they said i need to change my attitude like that ... zzz i  really lazy nak amik iniative from that cause i know i will change . i want to study this year , but people tend to fuck up my emotions . FINE !!!!!! lah kan , who needs people .

*what am i saying* without people i will feel so forever alone, but i have food to company me BUTTT that will make me more fat , friends ? lover ? family ? ... well they still are PEOPLE . what about animals as in pet ? ermm , love to talk to them cause that will make me relevie but they dont have repond so i feel like im talking to a wall *ZZ* so i think n think . Why havent i talk to GOD ? ALLAH . maybe cause im know n im afraid the mistakes n sins that i create , i want to stop it but i keep doing it again after i ask god to forgive me , im ashame . Who i am , plus im not that alim or perfect iman ...

AHH , you ? malas boleh i nak cakap pasl you sayang . benda sama je ! kbyeeeeeee la !