February .

hey there peeps , happy February , in know its a new month and we were suppose to start it happily
but i just feel so sad ? dont the reasons but feel like it . ouh how pathetic my life wish to end it , but being a muslim is a really hard when you read more about it , i meant the things you should ot not do . Well im trying so hard to be grateful to God for every gift towards me . I think im just shouldn't .... nevermind . Every human alive has a reasons right .

I guess im sucks at living ? Im just to sensitive to live in this world , i cant even survive the society . Im too insecure for a guy , duhh that is just so wrong and gay , Dont you think .

ByTheWay - Today is suppose to be my monthly anniversary with her , but now she is my ex . Maybe thats the reasons why am  i sad . Were gonna our third month , but ... i dont wanna talk about it . No use right because whats have been done cant be undone . I was devastated but i have to move on and live my life . I also dont know how to act with her , i dont even know if i should hate her ? but ... i guess not because hating is devils work . She broke me so bad but i have to be strong .