Unsolved .

im still alive but i barely breathing . im falling to pieces . all i want is you , the real you , the old you . i know people often change but why cant you be the same for me . Im know im stupid for waiting and hoping on you but time make me realise how pathetic you are . Wasting my tears for the wrong person . So now i officially forget you but i never plan one day ill be missing you .

Well i have forget you like you were never exist to me , never born in  my life . You know how hard is it for me just to erase all our memories our conservation . The moment we been together . So i come back but you just play dumb at me . Im hurt so bad *can i kill myself now* You never think of me , you never had a feeling for me . You really make me ************ hmm . But i wont be mad at you . Now my eyes are open , i see your real attitude . Thats make me stronger to face  people your type .

 and then you come back in to my life , you want me back . You gave me headache you know ?!  stop fucking my mind and my life . Saying sorry and saying you meant it , saying you wont do it again doesn't change my mind for a second ! I know who you are , your ego wont change for someone like me . Im done being played by your kind . Just leave me alone , you had your chance once . Screw you asshole !
Now i know you say im a bad bitch , a dirty slut because i didn't accept the apologise . You dont know the tears i waste for you . The sugary food i ate food you . The time energy my life . Just For You . You can say what you want , you can even ask my friend to turn side and help you . but my hearts is lock and my mind is lock .