I know better

Wel actually i was blanked when i wanna wright this post .
I knew you still love him . I know you try the fullest to forget him .
Girl as much as you love him thats how i love you .
I dont want to force you to love me or to replace him with me .
I sanggup tunggu you .

But wait  , why am i saying all this sweet words when i dont have any feelings now .
I feel so blank and emotionless now . When the night is gone i wake up alone .
The feeling of you not beside me . I want you to be mined but im afraid i let you down .

I wish you could see yourself the way i see you . Hide behind everyone thinking you re not pretty .
Hold it on inside . Girl you are special and beautiful . No star can glow like you No sun can give heat like you . Nobody can be you because you are unique .

My heart is problem my life is a mess . I dont want to stress you out . I'm always emo and i want to commit suicide . My mind is fucked up . My study and result like shit . My family My Body My soul . Im lost .
It's ok i understand if you leave me . Im a jar of pain and unhealed wound . Even my secret is a burden .
To know me completely its impossible .