Forever Alone

Living a forever alone sucks .  I miss the old time , I miss the feeling of falling in love , when you with someone special in your life .
- when you look at your mobile no text or miss called
- when you wake up no sweet text to read
- when you go online and nobody say hye to you
- someone who ask you if anything happened everyday
- someone who comforts you with warm word when you down
- when you go outing and see a sweet couple walking together

The thing you want to do with someone is not complete because you are single .Some say living this life is awesome and you can get all the freedom you need . But some how at a time forever alone people do feel lonely and need to be hug . We may have our way to avoid this feeling . But trust me it has a way of coming back . Im not saying we are desperate to be love . WE just want the attention from some people .