Truth set us free .

Ok , here's how is goes .
Me and you have been friend for a long time , i know your secret . You also know mine . But i always like get annoy buy you . But you never annoy by me instead you understand me and be patient with me . I dont why . maybe for your personal use or you need me for something . IDC . Sometimes when i go emo or PMS you just try to cheer me up , or exchange me music plus games link . I love you like my own family , but the more i know you the more i love you . Now it's like you keep hurting me . With the way you treat me . So im just gonna play at your game . Im not the one who start the war , maybe i did but not this kind of war . Im sorry i guess ? BUT you the one who fucking ignore me *or so what i think* I IM you at fb , u dindt reply . zzz. That's what makes me think you ignore me , So right now im trying so bad to forget and ignore you . But from time to time , you just talk to me like nothing happened . Thats why i reply your conversation like an asshole .

I really just dont know . To many things happened , if i tell you , yeah you will listen but im not sure you care . especially with your current lovers . who i dont want to speak off . just dont like her . I got reasons . personal reasons .

So , now it depends to you . wanna be friend or pretend we never meet .