Cold War

Tear drops and I'm tired ,
I dont know why , i keep getting down this past few days . After a joy of life , i will return yo my emo state . i got nothing to concern but i just keep thinking to much . I guess my life is not a fairytale but i am thank for it . Friends dont last forever as we grow and go to a new place . Love will not be permanent until it done correctly , no matter how much u say u love that person now , Doesn't meant it will last till you die .
I just hate giving up everything in the end you got nothing even the person you love . For some reasons i lie a lot to cover many things . I just want to confess to everybody about who and what i am . But i know even if i confess nobody still care  . It wont make a difference if i tell to the people that wont care about me . Even with all those craps , i pretend i dont care , but you know what they say . The more you ignore or pretend dont care , the more you want it actually . I just have to move on , i try harder every time i fall .
Every scar's in my flesh has a story . Only the care and trustworthy know . I'm tired and I dont want to get attached anymore . Dont be surprise if one day im disappear . *tears* I got to much secret and confession untold . Please dont let me kill myself ..