A lighten candle that will never die .

I give 9 love roses and 1 fake roses . Till the last rose die my love will never stop towards you .
There's no link or song to show you how much i want you except my heart beat .
Every word i spoke or written will always be true
especially the parts i say

I know what you have done and why you did it . Im not angry at you . It's okayh la , every love need a sacrifice , although i dont own you but i always be there to support you . I just hope the smile on your face is always there for me :] i may forget our love story but i will never forget the reasons i fall in love with you .  Please dont underestimate youself . Your the music in me , Youre like the star , my buoyancy force the one who keep pushing me upwards and move on if i fall . Youre my air so i could breath smoothly . Your my love forever an always , ilove you bogie-wogie :] So many words to describe how i fell but i rather sing it to you ;]