Nur Syahella

Syahella Mohd
I dont know about you , not in detail , but i can detect how you are a nice person . You are a strong girl like your sister , funny and sometimes a asshole . HAHA . You know how to take care of someones heart *winkwink* and you like to laugh . Although you laugh as loud as thunder *like seriously* it's beautiful cause god make you that way . Smile ? you got sexy lips , every time you smile the time stop  even his heartbeat . Guy should know how to take care of you ^_^ you are a delicate treasure .

PFFT -.-t *what am i kidding*
Ella you beautiful , ur wild haha . i like to gado-gado gedik with you . suka mengkucing dgn dia sbb dia akan membabi balik . ur so cool . always have amazing profile picture . you know how teenagers feel . You rock babe's ! u soo cute XD *mtl .

FOR that boy .Get a life, will you? ;]