Crack .

I never cry this hard in a long time  , i never had a swollen eyes , i never feel this kind of pain . i'm tired , i haven't eat since the tragedy , i just wish to die , cause at the moment i dont have nothing anymore , everything is over , i should just stfu and fucking go away . i'm not wanted , i make things more worst , i hate myself , i just hate everybody . !ARGH for the recently tragedy . i dont know how to act . but i will change drastically , i dont care if you dont like it . its not for who , or better for what sides , i use to change for my self or others , but this time , i let time and pain change me . I'm sorry to my body cause im hurting you to much , im sorry to the people around me that you have to see my suffering . I just wanna say thank you to the people who make like this , i give you my words , you wont see a single smile on my face .  You not only destroy my happiness and smile . You destroy my life . I didn't mess with your life . You make me crack inside and out .

I just cant take it . I wont wish to die cause already died . Goodbye .