When i speak , You be quiet

Assalamualaikum and Hello :], Hey . Firstly today post is in English . I hope you have a good day today :] and i pray for you that you're life will be meaningful , all dreams come true and an easy life to live . *tak faham ekh ?* nvm --'

Ok, let's begin . YOU see the picture below ? . Not mined , found it at Tumblr .
Ok im gonna give my piece of mind / what  i think about the picture .


FIRSTLY - this kinda picture is everywhere , always related about , being fake . pretending smile , act happy , try to smile , ok . It's true , some people have a tough life , they cannot increase their problem by people asking all the time , like *why are you so sad / are you okayh / who make you like this* you will be miserable to repeat the same story That make you like this . Ok people , if a person is smile , happy ? Let them . just support them , they maybe go trough a hard day .


SECOND - people ! u will never understand someone , so dont say you know how they feel . i know u may had the same problem but its not the same , each people is different and unique and so is their problems.You can know by trying to listen to them , lend a shoulder to cry on . Just say you know how it feels although u never experiences it , cause when we are sober we dont need another lie to calm us down, at this sad moment only truth and loyalty can make us feel better .

THIRD - guys / girl . wife / husband . Please stop breaking and divorce . Can you be loyal to each other . C'mon love ? You cannot just give up on that , You work it so hard and make it that far , and then suddenly you want to stop the relationship bcause you found someone better?prettier? you bored of your lover ? your lover doesnt understand you ? BULLSHIT.CRAP if you love her , you will do anything for her , even to make the relationship work . do remember your vows/owth to your lover's 
*i remember mine*


FOUR'TH - ah , did u have your bitchflakes ? i do. HAHA .when i slept late or to early morning or somebody really pissing me . I go nuclear ==' . So to people who eat bitchflakes please control yourself. I knew being angry and being able to release it is good . but please focus at where you gonna release it .And sometimes like you cannot go anywhere to release it *in class / office* maybe you should create a method to calm you down . For me ? i like to hear my fav songs . if i just *DAMMPISS* i go zikir / selawat and after that i remember my family or my good memories with my cousin . Try to cool down with cool thoughts ok :] be happy , dont be mad or you end up stress .