keep singing the same song again and again .
Why am i doing that -,-
*so stupid right*

Well , i am trying to forget someone .
THATS even stupider . Gish -.-'
i love you  , i want you . i need you .

I dont even get a chance to tell you my story .
Doesn't mean i dont want you to know me .
Well , i love when you tell me everything that happened in your life.
Your voice is better and great than any singer .

Sometimes , when we talk to long .
I wish i can pause this moment .
Although my ear is hot due the phone .
But i actually i don't care .

All our memories ,
the skype and Webcam <3
Long calls in the nyte <33
Tumblr chat <3333 !
so much memories . I know to you maybe a trash .
But its cool with me :|