Working -_-

Yeah , gotta do a lot of stuff .
You know . Be INDEPENDENT :3
everything do by yourself .

i have to do homeworks on my own now . Try no to copy ;)
gotta read textbook =,='
finish the project for education month . i participate in the contest ;)
And then wajah-wajah SSI .

*seriously aku tak tahu nak blog apa .
nak blog cerita sedih ? org ckp *kesiankan aku* WTH --'
nak blog cerita panas ? org ckp *aku kuat maki* siutt !
nak blog cerita merepek ? org *tak faham , ckp bahasa aku mcm keling* babun-,-'

HAHA . serius ni . give me a topic to blog about  .
Or ask me something .
Where to ask ? my forsmpring/facebook/tumblr :3
Before the question , put *blog* so
i know where to post the answer :|