Tears .

A tears can be the truth , What ever kind of tears u going through , just let it be , never hold it .
The tears can be your happiness like tears of joy ,
Tears can be your pain , what you feel inside that you cannot spill .
Tears can be a symbol for your sincere . Let say you done something , and your crying for forgiveness , Let the tears show that you really sorry and regret it .

what could be more sincere than a child tears 
I m saying , let something speak for you , and one of it , is your tears . Dont be afraid or shy .
People can say what they one , but they cannot stop you from being yourself , they dont make your way ,
they are only pebbles on the side , some maybe big and some are small , but you gotta keep on moving .
Shortcuts always available , but dont often you it . Try be brave and believe in yourself , face it with confident .

( ilham u easy la to say , you tak tahu how i feel ) -
Excuse me . We all people have problem , i dont know what your dealing with , but what can i say is move on .
Its only a test on life , you have to be strong or show how tough you are , believe in yourself cause nobody will.
Life is a wheel , theres ups and down . Dont deny it . Just go along with it either sad or joy , remember to enjoy .

(ilham , how can you to enjoy the pain ? its freaking sad and pain )-
What i meant is , learnt from the pain , your the one who make your sheets , learn the colours of life ,
never repeat the same thing , if it happens , dont give up cause people always make mistakes .
Life wants us to learn again and again . Although you fall , remember youre not the only one .