To tell you the truth . I am always sober because i never been myself . I always make people annoy , I am *gedik* . I am a loser , jerk , asshole . I got no talent , I am a freakish loser who pretend that i am good .

Gosh , i just wanted to be alone , rethink everything , i guess its time to be my old self again .
I cant fit in into your world , look at what have i become for trying to be something im not .
I wish somebody could slap me earlier , cause its to late for me to change , i meant like a lot to change.
But i will give it a try , so . If i like silence , dont be so friendly and smile / say hye at me .

Please , i am trying to be myself again , i live in the dark , i prefer sit alone in the corners .
I hear instrumental and slow emo music . Ouh yes , you may call me emo , period or whatsoever.
Seriously , i dont care . I just take is as a challenge for being my self. Im just tired . Really tired.