Lying on the bed .

Lying on the bad . That's the boring activity i had done !
Gish -.-' i got no energy to move my body .

I hate getting sick . Why am i not perfect .
Why does some people have a sickness that has no cure .
So , anyway . I really want to go to school today .
So many beautiful plans were arranged . Im sorry people .
Anyway , i try to replace it as soon as possible .
Got my chemist project finish . Tanx mom ;)

Ekh , what should i write more ?
Today actually nothing much happend a.k.a NON =,='
Just cut newspaper and magazine for english work EW20 .
Ouh yeah , i make mistake ==' i tersalah makan ubat .
Now i am overdose HAHA weeee =3
*no wonder i feel so sleepy and my body weaker* zzz