Hidden Spoke .

well hello guys .
i am sick, dont know if i gonna get better .
starting now ,  im gonna be quiet .
i dont have the strength to talk .

i dont have the ability to walk anymore.
im not only hurt in the inside . but i got a sickness .
argh -.- what am i talking . I just wish all my friends were here .
I really miss them all , as much im smile and laugh in the class .
I am just an empty glass , with eco of sadness and regrets .
I am being stupied in the class *im such a noisy. Even i disturb teachers teaching

*iwanttobelove,butigottalovesomebodybutiamafraidtolveagainithurts* <-- translate ;)

Anyway .adios reader ,i dont know if im gonna update more .
For this coming exam i wanna score and pass with flying colours .
For who ? Myself . not myparents , not prefect , not others . just ME .