Prefect Camp .

Well ,
i got so much to say .
but at blogger i gotta write .
So , i try to shorten it .

At first ,
I was kinda afraid ,
Cause i was the only male with no friend .
And then i have never been to camped about4 years.
So i forgot all the experience and how to bond with others

Somehow ,
I manage to survive the camp till the end .
I have some friends to be around with , although they are female
but they are great . Melody nisa qistina low etc .
Well i able to create some male friends also . but .
I was so silent dont know what to talk , haha

Anyway .
The thing i get from camp is .

  • Not to be judge but a helping hand .
  • Always listen to others ( problem , opinion ) before reply
  • The key to change is to let go the fear 
  • Difference the priority things ( time management )
  • The best way to learn something is to teach .
  • Do the others as they do to you .