Tired Wired


i got my uncle wedding
and i am the photographer
the wedding is from 10am to 3pm
but i go home at 1pm cause its to hot

Anyway ,
at home i tumblr only
After my cousin has return
We help to prepare the dessert
for this afternoon event

I almost pass time ,
cause its my friends birthday PAH
she is now 16years . Happy always ekh :)
The party was fun , i like the cake YUM2.
and the games , her mom was friendly
but i was like a stone , damm quiet . Shyt .
I am not "pemalu" its just idk what to talk about .

Ok , i go home at 5 .
Cause i got some chores at home ,
i need to prepare cause we have a BBQ
ok , story end here . cause i hate the BBQ ,
something bishy happened