Lonely Library .

Hmm ,
i was supposed to got to library with azmi fahmi
i didn't go to KL cause of that
We gonna exchange game and study
He gonna do his F1 and SJ project

but he didn't comed -,-'
Thank god , i bring rifqi .
Meanwhile , rifqi is buzzing me about going to CS .
I wass ,zz Shutp. I dont wanna go . Nak study !

Blablabla , While waiting for azmi ...
I was getting hungrier while doing my homework .
I told rifqi ' NAK MAKAN' -.-'
He like , wait wait .  GRRR.
And i lost my mood.
Suddenly , his friend comed OUT OF NOWHERE .
razlan . nazrin . aliff dan etc .

OMG =.=' i also lost mood to blog anymore BHAHAHA , bye :D