Juvenile friends .

OMG -,-
they are so childish and immature .
As you know , i lost my malay friend ( Amirul Ashraf )
so i am stuck with my indian and chinese friend .
I got this indian and chinese friend who are always fighting like an animal .
They are called , selvan and yit ming .
Everything fight , all the time , i sometimes embarrassed to sit with them -,-

So .
I sit with my other indian and chinese friend .
Naresh and Yap  , I am sorry i dont their full name and spelling XD
These two  , never fight and always help each other
i was like WOW and WOAHH :)
now i sit behind them , they treat me like a human ,
Not that im saying selvan and yit treat me worst .
But IDK , i feel a little happy .

I tried to say away from my past.