Forever Alone

Hey ,
Just start school again
after one week of holiday ( Chinese new year )
So as usual i dont finish my homework
At school i copy my friends XD

Anyway ,
i just want to say .
Its not the same and never will be .
I miss u my friend amirul :(

Btw , td i weare contact lenses
DAMM la . dia buat pasal pulak .
Da satu hari tadi aq rabun jew =.='

And then , after school .
Ade jumpe KBK (kelab bimbingan dan kaunseling)
I love it <3  haha .

And then ,
i got braces appointment
Haiyaa , change la .
The doctor say , if my teeth closed pack when next meet
I can take the braces off :D

And tonight
i don know la , i dont hope and it
my father wanna buy me a new lappy .
I want MACBOOK AIR <333 !

p/s i skip a lot more story , Malas .