Morning Sick .

okayh , gudmorning .
i woke up late at 11am
but i get up originally at 8
then fall asleep again as i turn off the alarm

Morning breakfast ?
I missed . So i just have lunch
A chocolate bread with vanilla ice cream ,
I know i am sick ( fever , cold , caught and sore throat )
But who cares (!) when comes to chocolate nothing matters .

So , online till 12.30 pm
cause after that im going to my friend house ( rifqi )
We gonna go to this called ' jamuan ' by intan
Blabla , rifqi likes her and she likes her 2 .
But its not official yet . With a little my help it could be
Before jamuan . that means at rifqi house met her auntie
she was so cool HAHA really cool .
blabla . Jamuan err ? No comment please .
Anyway at the 'jamuan' ssi-an ( izurin , eza , faiz hassan )
uda-rian ( syira , acap zainal ) dan farhan ( TUUUT ) haha xD

Balik ? yeah2 . About 4pm .
Rifqi parents take us . Inside the car was his little 2 bro
they just went back from shopping HAHA
it was awkward but i got some feeling
Nice family a lot of laughing but her mom face serious xD

Neh ! i bored u huh ? ok la , until here only Goodbye TakeCARE ;P