Skinny :D

Haha ,
tday i planned to comed school ,
cause got cool activities like scrablle , amazing race and spell it wright .
Well at first i was scared cause i dont have a group ,
i know i can hangout with manfred but i afraid he go to Kavi group
In ssi i kinda short off male frend that i really close with .
i am not that rasict K . Its just i dont like malay boys that much .
Christian are COOL . haha
ayway ! back to the topic .

Manfred and me start our own group .
Wong , Shideshwar and kong joined .
We were short 5people .
And then teacher ask 5 malay boy to join our group .
i say WTH =,=

so as we put our bag aside the gim .
and return to our place .
The malay boys were gone .
but teacher replace them with
Chineese boy =,=
NEvERMIND . They were andrew,eng pen yun ,ming hui and ??

As we started the race . We were split into two .
The chineese dude all run away . WTF =='
only left 5people now . HURMM.
so we countineu the race .
Run around the school like an idiot .
Swetting in our uniform ,HAHA
from checkpoit to chechkpoint, TIRED dude !
And somed of the girls incharged of the point were JERK .
I dont want to talk about it . Makes me GRRR !

anyway , We finish at 9th place . Haha
No prizes were given cause this is for fun only .
BLA bla bla ..... After recess damm bored . Everybody were busy .
Includding manfred . He becomed judge for scrablle =,=

Me and melody have some momment . I tried to learn batu seremban , HAHA
she damm pro ! until batu 15 ptu dia x thu . LOL
Main dngan SABRINA .
and then , 12.30 puan chong passed by and asked melody to teach junior .
I follow her . I miss MATH so much ! aspecilly Pchong .
Goshhh , while teaching we play bingo ^.^

HEHE . Tday some junior called me 'BANG' hahaha
gller akh . masa tu dia ckp ' BANG ada extra tie tak .
I can only focus at the BANG . WALOA!! first time , hehe
well i said no anyway .