hey u , me , i

tday was friday ,
date 8july2010

gosh !
i am confuse with my life
its like a time zone write now.

decision around conner
and consequnces coming too
i gotta make the right choice , but its hard
than i thought , like i need someone

that someone i dont know
school DONT WANNA talk about it

HAzwani - EXam - TEachers - HOMework - FRiends , bla2
i wish i could focus
but i got issue
it me and my sorrounding
i dont how to crake myself anymore
i tried once by try to realise my mistake or SEDAR !

hiashh ,
tmorow is saturday
another decision i gonna make
that is to go to BENGKEL BM or LAWATAN .

i put a lort effort to that question
all the qonsecuences i think
and the think i gonna get at the end of the day
jesus ! i am fucking .... of my life

by this time , i just finished wacth ECLIPSE ,
oh bella and edward , hurmm vampire?
pooor jake he lost bella and injured , i cannot imagine
how suffer is that , wolf

i guess in life , they are not always have
happy ending for some one
orr its not the happy ending for you or not the write time yet
movies sometimes got a value
but sometimes we wish our lives like the movie :D

sorry slh eja , mls nak check :DDD