haha ,
what a blasting , hot day
where shoould i began ??

well ,
as ussual , i arrives at school i swept the class floor
but tday i arrive early and the class is still lock GOSH
as i waited , andrew and kavi wish me
i was SHOCK a little cuase they know . ESPECIALLY andrew , hehe

soon ,
the class open
as i enter , manfred request me to sit with him today
he say because its my birthday WEIRD , haha
so , swept here and there
i began BERPELUH haiyaaa ! i hate when that happends.

about 7 something MELODY arrive
i had a weird happy smile on my face
because i was in high hope for a preasent .

melody give me nice snow glob and stars
hajar give me a glass cup
its was fine
after the preasent was given
they began singing , and suddenly the hole class follooww
and then aiman sing a weird song , they foollow it either
GOSSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BAPAK ! blushing+berpeluh=panic

during recess
a lot of wishes made out
some ask if i going to held a party or not
i said nanti !
some also said they forget to bring preasent and dont buy it yet
i dont care as long they know its my birthday

english teacher also know its my birthday ,
mate teacher know when melody told her
spechleess cause , damm hot , i aslo tired
cause go there and here KBK rm3
and then sudenly class tambahan CANCEL, hurmm
go to library la ,TUTP plak , hnuhrmm
decision , GO HOME !

yg detail malas nak cita , hehe