just now
i suddenly cry after argue with my dad
its been so long tears never come from my eyes

and this ter i feel an emotions on it
the sadnees of my travel to it
i feel just son sad snd angry

grr what a dush bag la this asshole
we werre suppose to go family
and then he suddenly tell he got meating
i was kinda furious coous i cannot except it!

grr , and the time of meating is in the center ?

he say go night or afternoon
i tell him TAK SEMPAT !
and than he dont care about me
he just say meating , no sorry came out

so i could hold my anggry
i got to realease it

i start teasing my lil sis,
she make an awfull noise that attrACTS him
with into a quarell again
into front of others

i walk to the living room
to a cupbord full of glass
and suddenlyy my eyes make some water
i said in my heart , WHAT ?
and WOW?HOW?