my life is a BIG LIE !

i am fucking hate it but i have to make it beautifull
i not close with my family but i got to be nice with them ( REASON)
i dont show my real attitude at school/home
i always being the kind somebody want me to be
i hate me for not to get to show myself or my talent
i tell my life but nobody get it
i always frend with girl because they have fealing like i feel and thats me sensetive .
the boys always says bad thing or talk horny , pleez
i like something other boys dont like .
am i worst or diffrence
i dont like football , i like cute babies
i dont like stupid story,i like poet or adventure+romantic+everything that make it wonderfull story like shake spear movie.
grrr , frend ???!!!
what the hell , alwaysss dispointed ! such a DAMM

well , i dont , i like other kaum
terutama kristian dan yahudi
and i wish to marry eather of them :)
anyway i like blue/green eyes and DAMM like silver eyes !