second love .

when i break with the first one ,
my day start to darken .
my heart to broken ,
my life start to die ,

when i meet u ,
ur smile light my path,
ur eyes heal my heart ,
ur face begin my lige again ...

its like a new life start to begin ,
i loove u with all my heart ,
but , u stop loving me ,
i just ....

when u ask me to let u go ,
i just , oh my good ,
whats hapening 2 my heart ,
oh , the pain !!!

i just cannot let u go ,
but i respect ur decision ,
althought its make my heart destroy like a broken mirror being knocked many time,
i tought ur decision is better 4 both of us ,

but ,

i just canot that easy forget u,
i still love u ,
my heart still open 4 u ,
but rembemer that ,
i have move on ,
but u will always in my heart ,

i just need some love ,
can anyone show me ,
why did she said that .....
why ??
why ????

what do i do to u ,
to deserve something like this ??
what ??
tell me ??