a great LOST in LIFE

i lost everything
i have a fight with my mom and we stop talking to each other

i lost my best true frend cause she move to bording shool in melaka , she say she have plan everything 4 her future

well ,
i dont have a girlfrend or somebody mean to me
every body dont like my kind of personalities
grrr , whats the big deal

i got soome frend for now
dont know how the last
such as
salwa - not all the time been there due to out station
but she help me with some problems
i still dont believe that she still young

fatimah - not always there , kinda off and on
but she always intrested in my prob
but i am not open

i cannot think of anybody else

well if there is more
u are not worth to be written
cause u always say u are here when i need u
but u are A BIG FAT LIARS!!

well , some teachers help me 4 a while...