The story of US

Hmmm.... where to start ,
orait ~ year 2011 the end of year . You just enter SSI from SAB , i lost my BFF recently because he go to SPBT . You sit with your BFF AW at my class 4cerdas . WE never talk or properly introduce cause i was living inside my world ? Until i go crazy one day and u give me the look WTH lol - I made you laugh ? lol . And then we like start talking but people keep saying i like or love you . But at the moment i was a stone .  The more i know about you the more me you n nina become close friends - at first i judge your appearance , nina was more pretty than you *im sorry i know im bad* but from time to time . I always suka kacau and sakat you at class :> *sorry* lol but Things change cause i see you for who you are , yeah our friendship maybe have some pros and cons if you know what i meant .

And then i know you have a boyfriends, he school at EC . So i was like ok .. cool . haha Then you start a bigger group with other girls so i was like cut off cause im a male -_- k fine la . And then you selalu ada problems with your BF, so i was like being caring trying to help you but you only told your GFF . k im fine -_- ok ...... im just gonna skip the boring part where you n your ex or wtv had a fight , break n couple n go on . So i volunteer myself why wont i give a try to love you ? and i did i even ask for you to be mine . Yes we were great at first until your ex come back . WE break bcause i have to let you go or he will hurt you n i dont want to see any bad things happened to you . After you with couple again, he left you n you feel like shit n hurt. I come back for you , i help u slowly to heal but the pain you carry is to huge . WE couple again but .... its not a fairytale cause i have to let you go, bcause you want to focus on study n bcause you kene kacau dgn him again . I still remeber the incident at JOTIC , plus he also come to your house , he did try to get to me , get my number , contact me at FB , he even came to HB , let me just say he do anything to get you back ?.... and our story ends here .

Then our final exam was over ... almost the time for holiday , but you look so sad . So i wonder ? what happened i tough you are happy cause you with him again . Then i was so shock like fire ! because what he did to you - He live you hanging , he didn't even tell you he going for a Ragbi tournament , he didn't reply your text or call , you have to find out from his friend . You were alone that time and you text him you nak break with him . I give advice but you were just to heart broken, again i ask you to be mine <3
You were afraid at first, but then you except me .

Our enchanted fairy books begin on 1 december 2011, we were married darling ~! Alhamdulillah everything was happy and fine :) i love you like my wife , i take you seriously , i told you almost everything , i even dedicate A Thousand Years song to you . Our love song we got exchange some songs ;) i still remember i try to play piano for you n you try to play violin for me :) i remember all out Whatsapp conservation , our long skype call and video :) , I sing on skype lol -,- , When i get sick n  how you care for me , I just remember every details about us :( thats hurt me when i know every hello have a goodbye.

So as time move on .... it was 2012 , things between us got tense . We start to fight almost all the time but we both beralah , sometimes your fault sometimes mine . Well it was all my fault, i hope to much from you.
.............. *readers i da malas nak blog*...... hmm , ok you pernah admit you did try to make me hate you but i wont cause i love you . All the time when we together you try to break but i dindt let you go . But recently i see your face so stress you change so shockingly and im scared , Lagi-lagi bila kita kene panggil and jumpa pengetua all . I dont know what to do , i dont want to lose you so bad A :( seriously ! i never stop loving you , even the day we break only a few days from out monthly anniversary ... k :( Letting you go was the hardest but you keep hurting me .... tanpa you sedar , But you know what . When you say you break dengan me sbb u nak get back with your EX , i was no longer alive at the moment .
*sorry mood lost, to tired*