love is MYTH ?

i dont know what to say
i dont know what to do

anymore ,
i dont know what my heart say anymore ,
is just like i have no fealing anymore,
my day become blue and sad,
i use have fealing 4 u ,
but something change,
i stop mesage u and coment u anymore,
if i do ,
this fealing of exicted and hapiness ,
coming so fast ,
like a new day ,
but i cannot describe it ,
it just hard to fall in love again,
and with the write person ,

i find one replacement ,
but idont know if i can love her ,
i just fell so coruppted ,
with my dispointed and failure
why ??

i totaly like her ,
but she not ready to exept my love ,
i stop 4 a while ,
to judge again ,
and it seems nothing ,
i feel ,
but i dont know if i cant let her go ,

can somebody help me ....
pleaz leave a coment !!